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VladimirMonomakh sent his younger son, Yuri, as his lieutenant to rule the far north-eastern area between the Oka and Yolga, the towns of Rostov and Suzdal.Yuri II Vladimirovich decided to raise his domain around Suzdal-Rostov- then Vladimir into a major principality. He strove to rule Kyiv also, but, after continual warfare with rivals, settled for doing so via relatives. His house continued the line of Russian rulers into the future in the north-east at Moscow, Tver, Suzdal, Rostov, Beloozero, Nizhnigorod and other towns. When western and south-western Rus fell into the control of Lithuania, Poland or Tatars, Yuri's domains became the center of the new Russia. All these rulers came from the descendents of Vsyevolod III, either his son, Konstantin, whose family held Rostov, Beloozero and Yaroslavl, or his other son, Yaroslav II, whose family eventually held Moscow, Suzdal, Nizhegorod, Tver and some lesser places; or from Ivan, whose family held Starodub or from SvyatoslavII, whose family held Yur'yev. The remaining lines shown here died out. Yuri II was ruling as grand prince of Vladimir in 1238 when the Tatar-Mongol invasion swept through Russia and he with all his family was killed in battle. Please move your cursor over the boxes to find which are linked directly to short descriptions of the individuals. Then, all the individual princes are linked to their fathers and sons so one may follow any line from Rurik to Fedor Ivanovich.


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