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He was the son of Yaroslav II Vsyevolodovich, grand prince of Vladimir and his second wife, Rostislava-Feodosia Mstislavna, princess of Novgorod. He was appanage prince of Galich-Dmitrov around 1238. He is shown on this chart.His sons were David, appanage prince of Galich-Dmitrov; and Vasilii, prince of Galich. The family at Dmitrov is shown on this chart. The Galich principality was separated from the Vladimir Suzdal lands after 1238 and given to rule to Konstantin, Yaroslavich. At first the principality included a small territory along the basin of the Galichski lake and the town of Dmitrov with rural volosts. Then, in the mid 14th century it gained a number of towns including Ruz, Vishgorod, Zvenigorod and others. In the 1330's the Galich principality began to disintetrate with the death of David Konstantinovich. Dmitrov town became a separate udel. It was given to David's son, Boris Davidovich.


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