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He was the son of Mikhail Vsyevolodovich, appanage prince of Chernigiv. He was prince of Novgorod ca 1228 and then of Galich ca 1235, and then of Lutsk ca 1238-40. He married in 1243 Anna, daughter of Bela IV, King of Hungary. His sons were Mikhail, Ban of Serbia-Mach; Bela, Ban of Serbia-Mach, and Ban of Bosnia; and he had a daughters, Kunguta and Agrafina. Kunguta married in 1261 to Otto-Karl II, king of Czechs. Agrafina was born in 1250 and married Mikhail Asyen, Tsar of the Bolgars and then Lyeshka II Cherni, Polish count. They are shown on this family chart.


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