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He was the son of Vsyevolod Svyatoslavich Chermni, appanage prince of Chernigiv and his first wife Maria Kasimirovna, princess of Poland. He was appanage prince of Chernigiv about 1203, then prince of Novgorod (1225-29), and prince of Kyiv (1238-40), and 1241. In 1228 He campaigned in Galicia against Daniil Romanovich. He escaped the destruction of Kyiv by Batu Khan. But he was executed at the Horde in 1246. His sons were Rostislav, prince of Novgorod; Roman, appanage prince of Bryansk; Mstislav, appanage prince of Karachev; Yuri, appanage prince of Tarussk; Semyon, appanage prince of Novosil; Oleg, prince or crown prince of Chernigiv; and he had a daughter, Maria. One section of his family is shown on this chart and the other section on this chart.


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