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Geneology chart Svyatoslavichi chart for Yaroslav Svyatoaslavich chart for Oleg Svyatoslavich bio of Vladimir Svyatoslavich bio of Igor Glebovich bio of Vsyevolod Svyatoslavich bi oof Igor Svyatoslavich bio of Yaroslav Vsyevolodovich bio of Svyatoslav Vsyevolodich bio of Vladimir Igoryevich bio of Vsyevolod Yaropolk bio of David Ol'govich bio of Yaroslav Vsyevolodovich bio of Yaropolk Yaroslavich bio of Svyatoslav Yur'yevich bio of Rostislav Yur'yevich bio of Svyatoslav Glebovich bio of Vsyevolod Glebovich bio of David Yur'yevich bio of Vladimir Yur'yevich bio of Yuri Yur'yevich bio of Vladimir Glebovich bio of Roman Glebovich. bio of Yuri Rostislavich bio of Gleb Rostislavich bio of Oleg Svyatoslavich bio of Izyaslav Glebovich bio of Svyatoslav Vladimirovich bio of Svyatoslav Yaroslavich bio of Yuri Yaroslavich bio of Rostislav Yaroslavich bio of Svyatoslav Ol'govich bio of Gleb Ol'govich bio of Vsyevolod II Ol'govich bio of Svyatoslav Davidovich bio of Vyesvolod Davidovich bio of IzyaslavIII. Davidovich bio of Vladimir Davidovich bio of Yaroslav Svyatoslavich bio of Oleg Svyatoslavich bio of Roman Svyatoslavich bio of David Svyatoslavich bio of Gleb Svyatoslavich Bio of Svyatoslav Yaroslavich

To jump to brief descriptions of each of the main individuals please click on the name. Svyatoslav had a difficult career in trying to rule as prince of Chernigiv and also usurp the throne of Kyiv. But through Oleg his descendents ruled Chernigiv most of the time and played a very important role in Russian history. And through Yaroslav the family held Ryazan and Murom until the end of the independent princedoms. We have the names through 17 generations from Yaroslav Svyatoslavich through Igor Glebovich Rostislavich. In order to give the expanded family tree we present the descendents of Oleg Svyatoslavich and Yaroslav Svyatoslavich separately.


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