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VLADIMIR ANDRYEYEVICH (after 1533 - 1569)


He was a son of Andrei Ivanovich, appanage prince of Staritsk and Yefrosinia Andryeyevna, princess Khovanski. He became appanage prince of Starits from 1541 to 1569. He married first in 1551 with Yevdokia, daughter of Andrei Mikhailovich Nagoii and second about 1555 or 58 with Yevdokia, daughter of the boyar Roman Ivanovich Odoyevski. His sons from the first marriage were Vasilii, prince Staritsk; and Yefimii. From the second marriage they were Ivan, prince of Staritsk, born after 1555 and died in 1569; and probably Yuri, prince Staritsk who also died young without heirs. His daughters were Maria and Yevdokia. The family is shown on this chart.


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