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He was born abut in 1374 the son of Dmitri Ivanovich Donskoi, grand prince of Moscow; and Yevdokia Dmitriyevna, princess of Nizhnigorod. He was appanage prince of Zvenigorod-Galich from 1389, then grand prince of Moscow (by force) in 1433 and for some months in 1434. This was because he claimed seniority over his nephew, Vasilii II. He married about in 1400 to Anastasia, daughter of Yuri (Georgii) Svyatoslavich, appanage prince of Smolensk. His sons were Vasilii Kosii, appanage prince of Zvenigorod; Dmitrii Shemyaka, appanage prince of Galich; and Dmitrii Krasnii, prince of Galich. The family is shown on this chart.
He chalenged Vasilii II for the throne of Moscow. After his death the civil war was continued by his sons, Dmitrii Shemyaka and Vasilii Kosii.


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