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He was a son of Yurii Dmitriyevich, appanage prince of Zvenigorod-Galich and Anastasia Yur'yevna, princess of Smolensk. He was appanage prince of Galich and grand prince of Moscow very briefly in 1446-47 during his war with grand prince Vasilii II. He married in 1436 wiith Sofia, daughter of Dmitrii Vasil'yevich, appanage prince of Zaozersk. Their son was Ivan Shemyakin, prince of Galich without udel. The family is shown on this chart. Dmitrii simply would not give up, he repeatedly sought to overthrow Vasilii, finally fleeing to Novgorod from whence he continued to launch raids. He sought the assistance of King Casimir of Poland. Finally he was poisoned.


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