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Concise Index to Xenophon lectures from the Voroshilov General Staff College





Voroshilov Academy Lectures - We are beginning to post our material based on the lectures attended at the General Staff academy of the Soviet Union in name of Marshal Voroshilov. These include direct translations of original lectures, summaries, lectures we prepared for courses given to the U.S. Army and related materials from lectures given at the U.S. Navy Postgraduate School, National Defense University and Ft. Leavenworth, BCTP


Index to materials as we prepare them - many more than listed below including sample calculations methods, on division planning and the course on operational planning


Description of the Voroshilov Academy of Soviet General Staff


List of graphics for lectures with much expansion to come


List of planning maps and overlays prepared for BCTP and lectures and now donated to the Map Division of the Library of Congress


Questions and discussion of Soviet views on various topics


Military space - Concepts and principles for employment of space


Strategic Air - Employment of Air Forces in Strategic Operations


Duty - Summary of Soviet duties of staff officers


Staff Procedures - Summary of Soviet Staff Procedures described in various lectures


Military Science - General concepts of Marxist-Leninist Military Science


Voroshilov Lecture 11 Air Force in Strategic Operations of TVD


Voroshilov Lecture 14 Organization of Civil Defense


Voroshilov Lecture 15 Role of Economics in War


Planning at the Division level


Division Planning Documents


Division Instructions and Orders


Division Army Initial Instructions to Eighth MRD - example document


Division Documents


Division Calculations in Division Planning Process


Division Sequence of Organization of Reconnaissance


Planning at the Army level


Chapter I - 1 - Army - Operational Art


Chapter I - 2 - Army - Organization and Equipment of Combined Arms Army


Chapter I - 2 II - Army Headquarters


Chapter I - 3 - Army Offensive Operations


Chapter I - 4 - Army Defensive Operations


Chapter I - 5 - Army in Long Distance March


Chapter I - 6 - Artillery in Support of Army Operations


Chapter I - 6 - Employment of Artillery Troops at Front and Army Levels - outline


Chapter I - 7 - Employment of Rocket Troops at Front and Army Level - outline


Chapter I - 8 - Air Defense Troops in Army and Front - outline


Chapter I - 8 - Air Defense in Army Operations


Chapter I - 9 - Combat Employment of Air Forces at Front and Army Level - outline


Chapter I - 10 - Combat Employment of Engineer Troops at Front and Army Level - outline


Chapter I - 10 - Combat Employment of Engineer Troops in Army Offensive Operations


Chapter I -11 - Combat Employment of Signal Troops at Front and Army Level - outline


Chapter I -12 - Combat Employment of Reconnaissance Troops at Front and Army Level - outline


Chapter I - 13 - Rear Services Support of Troops at Front and Army Level


Chapter I - 14 - Combat Employment of Chemical and Chemical Defense Troops at Front and Army Level - outline


Chapter I - 15 - Action of Rear Services Troops at Front and Army Level - outline


Chapter I -15a - Rear Services in Support of Army Actions


Chapter I - 16 - Command and Control of Troops at Army and Front Level


Operational Directive - Sample Operational Directive of 8th Guards Army -


Planning at Soviet Front level


Chapter II-1a - Front Organization;


Chapter II-1b - Organization of Front Headquarters;


Chapter II - 2 - Front in Offensive Operations


Chapter II - 3 - Front in Defensive Operations


Chapter II - 4 - Rocket Troops in Front Operations


Chapter II - 5 - Combat Employment of Artillery in Front Offensive Operations


Chapter II - 6 - Air Defense of Front and Army


Chapter II - 7 - Troop Control System of Front Aviation


Chapter II - 7a - Organization of Troop Control of Front Air Defense Troops and Means in Offensive Operation


Chapter II - 8 - Engineer support of Front Operations


Chapter II-8b - Engineer Support of Front


Engineer Planning - A sample of the planning table for engineer operations for army and divisions during conduct of the attack


Chapter II - 11 - Radioelectronic Warfare in Front Operations


Chapter II - 12 - Observations On The Control And Employment Of Nuclear, Bacteriological and Chemical Weapons


Chapter II - 13a - Front Rear Services


Chapter II - 13b - Front Rear Services Support in Combat Operations


Chapter II - 14 - Combat Support and Service Troops


Chapter II - 15 - Front Troop Control


Chapter II - 16 - Combat Employment of Signal Troops in Front Offensive Operations


Chapter II - 17 - The Air Army


Radio Electronic Warfare -


Planning Air Army Operations


Calculations - a general summary of the calculations the Russian officer does during the planning process.


Exercise in division calculations


Maskirovka - Lecture from the Academy - Instructor outline instructor's outline prepared for courses for US Army - Course outline - List of VGraphs for courses


Maskirovka test


Maskirovka reference - an excellent annotated bibliography prepared by U. S. Air Force


Command and Staff Handbook - We also wrote this handbook to summarize all the Soviet material for students: Of course it is 25 years old now and describes Soviet military thinking, but much of the basic concepts remain the same now. A printed copy of the handbook is available.
The sections above and in the handbook on Russian methods for calculations of many variables during both planning and execution of operations relied, then, on nomograms and formulas. Now they will use computers and hand held devices with equations build in.


Handbook Introduction


Chapter One -General Considerations for Troop Control


Chapter Two - Division and Regiment -


Chapter Three- Army


Chapter Four - Front


Chapter Five - Norms and Calculations - very large extensive chapter with many nomograms and examples


Chapter Six - Troop control documents - very large file describes planning procedures and documents for division, army and front.


We also have a series of lectures on staff procedures and planning of artillery. The Russians have always relied strongly on artillery.


Duties of Artillery - Chiefs


Artillery Lesson 1 - Principles of Artillery


Artillery Lesson 2 - Staff Procedures


Artillery Lesson 3 - Preparation of maps and documents


Artillery Lesson 4 - Employment of Front Artillery


Artillery Lesson 5 - Employment of Army Artillery


Artillery Lesson 6 - Employment of division Artillery


Operations lesson 1 - Organization of Hqs and Duties of Staff


Operations lesson 2 - Interaction of Commander and Chief of Operations


Operations lesson 3 - Tactical and Operational Calculations


Operations lesson 4 - Preparation of Plans, Maps and other Documents


Operations lesson 5 - Practical exercise in Front Planning


Operations lesson 6 - Practical exercise in Army Planning


Operations lesson 7 - Practical exercise in Division Planning - part 1


Artillery Reconnaissance - table of errors


Artillery principles - Principles of Contemporary Employment of Artillery in Offensive Operations:


Artillery lesson - test questions with answers


Air Assault - Estimate For Air Assault


Cryptographic - Cryptographic Security Instructions


NDU conference - We add here these notes of meeting with Russian General Slipchenko at NDU.


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