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He was the fifth son of DmitriIvanovich Donskoi and Yevdokia Dmitriyevna, princess of Nizhegorod. He was given appanages at Mozhaisk, Veryia, Medyn, Kaluga and Beloozersk (1389 - 1432). He married in 1403 with Agrafyena Aleksandrovna, princess of Starodub in Severia (daughter of Aleksandr Patrikyeyevich). His son, Ivan, prince of Mozhaisk, sided with Dmitrii Shemiaka against Vasilii II and thereby lost Mozhaisk to Moscow in 1454. His other son was Mikhail, appanage prince of Veria. And his daughter was Anastasia, who married Boris Aleksandrovich, grand prince of Tver. The family is shown on this chart.


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