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MIKHAIL GLEBOVICH (ca 1263-6 - 1293)


He was the son of Gleb Vasil'kovich, appanage prince of Beloozero and Feodora, a Tatar princess. He was appanage prince of Beloozero. He married about in 1278 with the daughter of Fedor Rostislavich Chernii, appanage prince of Yaroslavl. Their sons were Fedor, prince of Beloozero; and Roman, appanage prince of Beloozero. The family is shown on this chart. Mikhail regained control of Beloozero in 1286. He took an active interest in strengthening his domain and played an active role in the political intriges of the time. In 1293 he was an ally of Andrei Aleksandrovich against Dmitrii Aleksandrovich. By the mid -14th century Beloozero, thanks to staying clear of the internal Rus inter-princely fights as well as the Tatar raids, was becoming an important trade center. On the other hand, the far northern location meant that it eventually lost out in importance to Moscow and Tver. It reached its zenith in the 1330's but after that generated unwelcome interest on the part of the Moscow grand princes who saw it not only as a lucrative location in itself but also as a strategic location from which to conduct campaigns against Novgorod. Trying to retain independence the Beloozero government switched from one side to the other. Mikhail's son, Roman, followed an anti-Muscovite policy of alliance with Tver that brought reaction from Ivan I. Never one to refrain from using Tatars, Ivan in 1339 got the Tatars to execute the Tver prince, leaving Roman Mikhailovich out in the open. Then Ivan of Moscow used his daughter, by marrying her to Roman's son, Fedor. From then on the Beloozero princes were loyal subordinates of Moscow. By 1389 Dmitrii Donskoi was able to indicate in his will that Beloozero had been "bought' by Ivan. And the Beloozero principality was divided into various udels for several of Gleb's descendents. (see chart). The last independent prince of Beloozero was Yurii Vasil'yevich


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