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He was a son of Vladimir Andryeyevich Khrabrii, appanage prince of Serpukhov and Yelyena Ol'gerdovna, Lithuanian princess. He became appanage prince of Maloyaroslavets about 1410. He married first in 1408 with Anna, daughter of Semyon Vasil'yevich, prince of Novolen; and second with Maria, daughter of the boyar, Fedor Fedorovich Koshkin-Goltyaev. His son from the second marriage was Vasilii, appanage prince of Serpukhov-Borovsk. His daughters were Maria, who married Vasilii II Vasil'yevich, grand prince of Moscow; and Yelyena, who married Mikhail Andryeyevich, prince of Veria. The family is shown on this chart.


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