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Here we have a listing of the line of rulers in chronological order. By rulers we mean they were either the prince of Kyiv or later the grand prince of Vladimir, or finally the prince, Tsar or Emperor of Moscow and all the Russias. We have pictures for some of them so far and are looking for those that are still missing. The file loads fairly slowly because of all the thumbnail pictures. Click on the blue name to jump to a longer biography or discussion of the reign. These are being expanded as quickly as we can get to them. At Kyiv princes we have a geneology table showing only the princes at Kyiv up to the Mongol invasion. And click here to see the first geneology diagram that includes most of the family members during the first period - up to 1212. We have the charts for each of the dynasties that split off from this early period clear to 1917 and are posting them as they are prepared. We have and are posting charts showing the members of collateral lines who ruled regions such as Galich, Smolensk, Polotsk, Ryazan, Novgorod, and Chernigiv. This is the overall organization of these geneologies. All the family members who were rated as 'princes' are being listed in this alphabetical table. And we are continually expanding the general chronological table that includes the rulers and many of their exploits. Once we have the many princes more or less in order we will set up descriptions of each of the principalities.

Rurik (862-879
Prince in Novgorod (Norse from Jutland) He has been identified as a real Norse leader, but his activities in the Rus land are at least partially legendary.

Oleg (879 -912)
Prince in Novgorod and (according to chronicles) from 882 in Kiev. Campaigned against Byzantium in 907 and 911. He was a relative of Rurik but not in the line of descent. He moved the throne from Novgorod to Kyiv.

{short description of image}Igor (912-945)
(married Olga, Norse princess from Pskov). It is not clear if he was ofspring of Rurik or not, but Rus chronicles accept this so the house was called Rurikid down to Feodor Ivanovich, nearly 700 years. Their son was Sviatoslav I.

{short description of image}Olga(regent 945- [957] 964)

She was the wife of Prince Igor and then, after her husband was killed, regent for their son, Svyatoslav I.

{short description of image}Svyatoslav I ([957] 964-972), born in 942
(married Malusha, Slavic servant) His sons were Yaropolk I, Olegand Vladimir I.

Yaropolk Svyatoslavich (972-978) Defeated by Vladimir. He may have been the father of Svyatopolk I.

{short description of image}St. Vladimir ISvyatoslavich (978-1015) baptized as Vasilii
(married Rogneda of Polotsk, Norse Princess, had 12 wives including, after his conversion Anna Porphyrogenita, Byzantine princess and then the daughter of Cuno, Count of Oeningen) He had 12 sons including Iziaslav (who began the ruling house of Polotsk), Svyatopolk I, Mstislav, Yaroslav I, Boris, Svyatoslav, Gleb and Sudislav; and 12 daughters.

Svyatopolk I Vladimirovich(1015-1019) (Okayanii) (the accursed), born in 980, was initially prince of Turov, married Polish princess, daughter of Boleslaw I. Was defeated in battles by Yaroslav. He died without heir. There is some dispute whether Svyatopolk was the son of Vladimir or of Yaropolk.

Yaroslav IVladimirovich the wise (1019-1054), born in 978, baptized Georgi, (married Ingigerd, daughter of Olaf, King of Sweden) His sons were Elias who was prince of Novgorod until he died in 1020; Vladimir (also prince of Novgorod until he died) , Izyaslav I, who succeeded his father at Kyiv, Svyatoslav II, Vsyevolod I, Vyacheslav, and Igor. His daughters - Elizabeth married Harald III Hadradata, king of Norway, then, when Harold was killed at Stamford Bridge in 1066, she married Sven II, King of Denmark. She died in 1076. - Anna married Henry I, king of France and after his death Raoul II, Count of Crespy and of Valois. She died in 1071. - Anastasia married Andrew I, King of Hungary. All rulers of Rus towns except Polotsk were descended from Yaroslav Vladimirovich.

Mstislav Vladimirovich (d. 1036)
Ruler of Tmutorokan and then also Chernigiv. He divided the land with Yaroslav. And when he died in 1036 without heir it was reunited. But eventually Chernigiv became semi-independent under the descendents of Svyatoslav II Yaroslavich, the Ol'govichi.

{short description of image}Izyaslav IYaroslavich born in 1025 and baptized Dmitri, (1054-1078) Prince of Turov, then of Kyiv.
His sons were Yaropolk-Peter, prince of Vladimir-in-Volynia; Mstislav, prince of Kiev; and Svyatopolk II, prince of Kyiv. (see the house of Turov.) And his daughter was Yevpraksia-Vishyeslava.

Svyatoslav II Yaroslavich of Chernigiv (usurper 1073-1076).
His sons were Gleb, David, Oleg, Roman, and Yaroslav. (See the house of Chernigiv.) Oleg's sons were Vsyevolod II, Igor II, Svyatoslav, Gleb, and Ivan and their descendents were the Ol'govichi. David's sons were Svyatoslav, Vsyevolod, Vladimir, Izyaslav III, and Rostislav. Yaroslav's sons were Yuri, Rostislav and Svyatoslav. Rostislav had a son named Gleb who began the ruling dynasty of Riazan. Svyatoslav's family ruled Murom.

{short description of image}Vsyevolod I Yaroslavich (1078-1093), born in 1030, was prince pf Peryeyaslavl-Rostov-Suzdal
His sons were Vladimir II Monomakh and Rostislav. His daughter, Joan, was Abbess of Yanchin, and his daughter, Evpraksia, married first Henry, Margrave of Nordmark, and then the Holy Roman Emperor, Henry IV, and she denounced him to Pope Gregory VII. His descendents form the main line of succession in future generations.

{short description of image}Svyatopolk II Izyaslavich (1093-1113), baptized as Mikhail, (son of Izyaslav I Yaroslavich) He married daughter of Turogkhan of Kypchaks. His sons were Mstislav (killed 1099); Yaroslav (k 1123); Bryacheslav (d 1127) and Izyaslav (d 1128) and his grandson, Yuri Yaroslavich, founded the house of Turov and Pinsk. (See chart of Izyaslav I above.)

{short description of image}Vladimir II Vsyevolodovich - Monomakh (1113-1125), born in 1053 and baptized Vasilii,
son of Vsyevolod Yaroslavich, and a Byzantine princess daughter of Konstantin Monomakh, he had 2 or 3 wives, among them Gytha, daughter of Harald II of England, an unknown lady, and finally a daughter of Polovtsi (Kypchak) Khan Aepa. His sons were Mstislav I, prince of Kyiv (d1132); Isyaslav, prince of Murom (d 1096); Svyatoslav, prince of Pereyaslavl (d 1114); Yaropolk II, prince of Kyiv (d1139); Vyacheslav, prince of Kyiv (d1154); Roman, prince of Volynia (d 1119); Andrei , prince of Volynia and Pereyaslavl (d1142); and Yuri I Dolgoruki, prince of Kyiv, d1157). Mstislav's family spread into Galicia, Vladimir in Volynia, Vyaz'ma, Yaroslavl' and Smolensk as well as Kyiv. Yuri's family became princes of Suzdal, Rostov, Beloozero, Nizhni-Novgorod, Tver, Starodub, Vladimir on Kliazma and Moscow.

{short description of image}Mstislav I Vladimirovich, Velikii (1125-1132), born in 1076,
He was eldest son of Vladimir Monomakh. He married Christina, princess of Sweden, and then a daughter of Novgorod boyar. His sons were Vsyevolod, Izyaslav II, Svyatopolk, Rostislav (ruler of Smolensk, and prince of Kyiv 1154-1167), Yaropolk and Vladimir (who ruled Kyiv briefly in 1171).

{short description of image}Yaropolk II Vladimirovich (1132-1139)
He was the fourth son of Vladimir Monomakh. He married an Ossetian princess. He received Pereyaslavl. He moved to the throne at Kyiv at the death of his brother, Mstislav. But there was civil war for the succession. His son, Vyacheslav, did not rule Kyiv.

Vyacheslav Vladimirovich (1139, 1150, 1151-54, 1161-67)
He was the son of Vladimir II Vsyevolodovich. As the dates indicate, he ruled at Kyiv off and on, depending on the political fortunes of his brothers and nephews. His last period, 61-67, was a joint rule with Rostislav Mstislavich, who deemed it advisable to associate his uncle with the rule in order to fend off the pretentions of another uncle, Yuri Dolgoruki.

{short description of image}Vsyevolod II Ol'govich (1139-1146)
(son of Oleg son of Svyatoslav II). He married a daughter of Mistislav the Great. His sons were Svyatoslav III, Izyaslav, and Zvenislav. The Ol'govichi were continual enemies of the Monomashichi and struggled with them for control of Kyiv. (see chart for the house of Chernigiv.)


Igor IIOl'govich, gained the throne at Kyiv for 12 days in 1146.

Izyaslav IIIzyaslav II Mstislavich (13-8-1146 - 1149, 1151-1154) He was the son of Mstislav I. Thus control of Kyiv reverted to the Monomashchi. His sons were Mstislav II, Yaroslav and Yaropolk. (see his family chart.) He and his brother, Rostislav of Smolensk, fought both the Ol'govichi, and their uncle, Yuri I, Dolgoruki - Prince of Suzdal, for the Kievan throne. His son, Mstislav's, descendents were princes of Vladimir in Volynia and Galich. Izyaslav's second period, 1151-54, was jointly with his uncle, Vyacheslav.

{short description of image}Yuri I Vladimirovich Dolgoruki (27-8-1149 - 1151 and spring 1155 - 1157)
He was seventh son of Vladimir II Vsyevolodovich Monomakh, prince of Kyiv and his mother's name is not recorded. She was Vladimir's second wife. He married in 1108 Anna, daughter of the Polovtsi (Kypchak) Khan Aepa, and then after 1108 a Byzantine princess. His sons were Rostislav, prince of Pereyaslavl; Andrei Bogolubski, great prince of Vladimir; Ivan, Svyatoslav, Yaroslav, Boris, Gleb, Mstislav, Vasili, Mikhalko, Vasilko, and Vsyevolod III. He was sent to rule in Rostov-Suzdal (1125). He became independent and moved his capital from Rostov to Suzdal. In 1149 he sacked Kiev and established the grand princedom at Suzdal. During his reign at Rostov-Suzdal-Vladimir there were several others who occupied the throne at Kyiv. He died in Kiev in 1157.

RostislavMstislavich (Smolensk 1128-1168 and Kyiv 8-2-1154 - 1155, and 12-4-1159 - 1161 with Vyacheslav Vladimirovich, and 1161-1167). He was fourth son of Mstislav I Vladimirovich and nephew of Yuri Dolgoruki. His sons were Roman, prince of Smolensk (and Kyiv?); David, prince of Smolensk; Svyatoslav, prince of Novgorod; Rurik, prince of Kyiv; Yuri, prince of Smolensk; and Mstislav, prince of Novgorod. The Rostislavichi held Smolensk and sometimes gained the Kyivan throne.

Izyaslav III Davidovich ( 1154-1155, 21-5-1157 - 1158, 1161). He struggled for Kyiv with Rostislav Mstislavich and was placed in Kyiv as a part of the larger conflict between Yuri Vladimirovich's son, Andrei Bogolubski, and the Ol'govichi and other Monomashchi. When Izyaslav Davidovich, Rostislav Mstislavich, and Vyacheslav Vladimirovich all died the throne reverted to Mstislav Izyaslavich.

Mstislav II Izyaslavich (14-3-1167 - 1169) He was the son of principal assistant of his father, Izyaslav II. When he died the throne shifted to his uncle, Vladimir and to Gleb Yur'yevich.

Vladimir IIMstislavich (prince of Kyiv jointly 1169-1171). He was the son of Mstislav Vladimirovich, prince of Kyiv. He is omitted from some lists.

Gleb Yur'yevich (prince Kyiv, 20-3-1169 - 1171) He was the son of Yuri Vladimirovich Dolgoruki. He also is omitted from some lists perhaps because he was put on the throne as a figurehead.

Mikhail Yur'yevich (prince of Kyiv 30 May 1171), placed on the throne a brief period. He was grand prince of Vladimir briefly, later.

Roman Rostislavich (prince of Kyiv 1171-2 and 1175). He was the son of Rostislav Mstislavich, prince of Smolensk.

Vsyevolod Yur'yevich (brief period in 1172). He also was placed on the throne but could not hold it.

Yaroslav Izyaslavich, (1173-75) was the younger son of Izyaslav II, Mstislavich. He held Kyiv between Roman's two periods.
Svyatoslav Vsyevolodovich, ruled briefly at Kyiv in 1175. Then Yaroslav held the throne again and then Roman another time.

{short description of image}Andrei Yur'yevich Bogoliubski, born 1091, (Vladimir 1157-1174), held power in Kyiv several times during 1157-59, moved the throne to Vladimir in 1169, Grand prince of Vladimir 1169-1174).
He was the third son of Yuri Dolgoruki. His sons were Izyaslav (who died from campaign against the Bulgars in 1165), Mstislav (who also died from campaign against the Bulgars, in 1173), Gleb and Yuri (who married the Georgian princess Tamara but had no heir). He was murdered by his boyars.

{short description of image}Mikhalko Yur'yevich prince of Vladimir (1174-1176). He was the ninth son of Yuri and brother of Andrei. He ruled briefly after his brother's death.

Rurik Rostoslavich (prince of Kyiv 1207-1211) He was the son of Rostislav Mstislavich, prince of Kyiv. While he was ruling in Kyiv the center of interest in Russia, at least for historians today, was shifting to Vladimir, so he also is not found in some listings.

{short description of image}Vsyevelod III Yur'yevich Big Nest (1176-1212) was Grand prince of Vladimir who controlled Kyiv through princes he appointed or supported.
He was the 11th son of Yuri Dolgoruki (married first Maria, Ossetian princess and then Lubov', daughter of Vasil'ko Bryachislavich, prince of Vitebsk). His sons from the second marriage were Konstantin (who founded Rostov dynasty), Boris, Gleb, Yuri II, Yaroslav II, Vladimir, Svyatoslav, and Ivan. His descendents continued the main lines of rulers, see Vsyevolodovichi chart.

{short description of image}Yuri II Vsyevolodovich born in 1187, (ruled 1212-1216, and 1219-1238)
the fourth son of Vsyevelod III. He was deposed temporarily (1216-19) by his brother, Konstantin. He was grand prince of Vladimir. His sons were Vsyevolod, Mstislav and Vladimir. All four died in battle against the Mongol invaders.

Konstantin Vsyevolodovich born in 1185, (1212- 1216-1219)
(to Rostov). He was the eldest son and fought his brothers, Yuri and Yaroslav, to succeed their father. His sons were Vasil'ko of Rostov, Vsyevolod of Yaroslavl, and Vladimir of Uglich.

Yurii Vsyevolodovich (2nd time) 1219-1238) He died in battle with Mongols at Siti River. His sons, Mstislav and Vsyevolod were killed in defense of Vladimir.

{short description of image}Yaroslav II (Feodor)Vsyevolodovich born in 1191, (1238-1246)
the fifth son of Vsyevolod III. He married first a daughter of Yurii Konchakovich, Kypchak Khan. Then his second wife was Rostislavna-Feodosia, daughter of Mstislav Mstislavich Udaloi, prince of Novgorod. Her mother was also a Kypchak princess. His sons from the second marriage were Feodor, Andrei II (founder of the Suzdal-Nishegorod dynasty), Alexander Nevski, Mikhail Khorobrit, Daniil, Yaroslav III (founder of Tver dynasty), Konstantin, and Vasilii. Yaroslav proclaimed himself Grand Prince of Vladimir on the death of his brother, Yurii II, in battle against the Mongols in 1238. But he had to go to the Mongol Khan, Batu, to receive recognition and the Tatar yarlik, to rule. From this point forward all the successors shown are those who have received the yarlik, generally after outright struggle with their relatives.

Svyatoslav III (Gavril)Vsyevolodovich born in 1196, (1246-1248) seventh son of Vsyevolod Yur'yevich. His son was Dmitri.

Mikhail Yaroslavich Khorobrit (1248) the fourth son of Yaroslav II Vsyevolodovich.

Andrei II Yaroslavich (1249-1252), the third son of Yaroslav II Vsyevolodovich. His sons were Yuri and Mikhail. He founded the family dynasty at Rostov - Yaroslavl - and eventually the Shuiski princes. He died in 1264.

{short description of image}Alexander Yaroslavich - Nevsky , born in 1220, (1252-1263)
the second son of Yaroslav II Vsyevolodovich. He was the ancestor of both Periaslavski and Moskovski princely dynasties. He married Aleksandra of Polotsk. His sons were Vasilii, Dmitri, Andrei III and Daniil of Moscow whose wife's name is not known. Dmitri's sons were Ivan and Aleksandr. Andrei's son was Boris. Daniil had sons; Yuri III, Afanasi, Ivan I Kalita, Boris and Alexander. (See house of Moscow.)

{short description of image}Yaroslav III Yaroslavich (1263-1272)
of Tver. He was the sixth son of Yaroslav II Vsyevolodovich. His sons were Mikhail Starshi, Svyatoslav, Mikhail II, and Vasilii. Mikhail continued the dynasty as prince of Tver. (see house of Tver).

Vasilii Yaroslavich, born in 1237, (1272-1276) Kostroma. He was the eighth son of Yaroslav II Vsyevolodovich.

{short description of image}Dmitrii I Aleksandrovich (1276-1281) Periaslavl-Zaleski. He was the second son of Alexander Nevski. His sons were Ivan and Aleksandr.

{short description of image}Andrei Aleksandrovich(1281-1283) Gorodyets. He was the third son of Aleksandr Nevski. His son was Boris.

Dmitrii Aleksandrovich (2nd time) 1283-1294)

Andrei Alexandrovich (1294-1304) (second time)

Mikhail IIYaroslavich (of Tver), born in 1272, (1304-1319)
He was son of Yaroslav III. His sons were Dmitri Steely Eyed, Aleksandr, Konstantin and Vasilii. The family ruled Tver through six generations after Mikhail.

{short description of image}Yurii III Danilovich, born in 1238, (Moscow 1303-1325) Grand Prince of Vladimir (1319-1322)
His father was Daniil, son of Aleksandr Nevski. He married first a princess from Rostov and then Agafya, sister of Tatar Khan Uzbek, He had no heir.

DmitriiMikhailovich Grozni Ochi, (1322-1325) (Tver) Son of Mikhail Yaroslavich. He followed his father at grand prince of Tver and Vladimir. He married a daughter of Gedimin, Lithuanian prince, He had no heirs.

Aleksandr IIMikhailovich, born 1301, (1323-1328, 1337-39) (Tver) Second son of Mikhail Yaroslavich. He followed his brother, Dmitri. His son was Feodor Aleksandrovich.

{short description of image}Ivan I Danilovich - Kalitka (1325-1341) Moscow.
He was the son of Alexander Nevski's younger son, Daniil, prince of Moscow who died in 1303. He married Yelena (Russian ?) His sons were Semyon the Proud, Ivan II, and Andrei. Semyon and his family died in the plague of 1353. Andrei had a son, Vladimir, who had five sons, Ivan, Semyon, Yaroslav, Andrei and Vasilii.

{short description of image}Semyon Ivanovich (Gordii - the proud) 1341-1353) His family died with him in the plague.

{short description of image}Ivan II Ivanovich Krasnii, Krotkii (1353-1359)
He married Feodosia of Briansk and then Aleksandra. His sons were Dmitrii Donskoi and Ivan.

Dmitrii Konstantinovich (1359-1363) Suzdal-Nishigorod)
His father, Konstantin, was grandson of Andrei II. He struggled with Dmitrii Ivanovich for the yarlik as Grand Prince of Vladimir, but was defeated eventually. Dmitrii had two brothers, Andrei and Boris. He had two sons, Vasilii Kirdiapa and Semyon. Vasilii's sons were Ivan Gorbati and Vasilii Grebionka. These were founders of the two branches of the Shuiski princes.

{short description of image}Dmitrii Ivanovich - Donskoi (1359-1389)
son of Ivan II Ivanovich. He married Yevdokia, daughter of Dmitrii Konstantinovich of Suzdal. His sons were Vasilii I, Yurii IV, Andrei, Peter, and Ivan. Yuri had three sons, Vasilii Kosoi, Dmitrii Shemiaka, and Dmitrii the Younger. Andrei had two sons, Ivan and Mikhail.

{short description of image}Vasilii I Dmitrovich (1389-1425)
He married Sophia of Lithuania (daughter of Vitovt). His son was Vasilii II.

{short description of image}Vasilii II Vasil'yevich - the dark (blinded) - (1425-1433)
He married Maria, daughter of Yaroslav Vladimirovich, appanage prince of Maloyaroslavl, a descendent of Andrei of Serpukhov. His sons were Ivan III, Yurii Starshi, Yurii Mladshi, AndreiBol'shoi Goryii, Boris and Andrei Men'shii.

Yurii IV Dmitriyevich (1433-1434) Galitshki brother of Vasilii I. He gained the throne in Moscow by capturing Vasilii, but could not hold it. His sons were Vasilii Kosovoi, and Dmitrii Shemyaka, who continued the conflict with Vasilii II.

Vasilii II Vasil'yevich (2nd time) 1434-1462)

{short description of image}Ivan III Vasil'yevich - the great - (1462-1505)
He married Maria of Tver and then Sophia Paleologus, niece of last Byzantine emperor. His sons were Ivan, Vasilii III, Yurii of Dmitrov, Dmitrii, Semyon of Kaluga and Andrei Staritsk. His daughters - Yelena became grandduchess of Lithuania, Feodosia married Prince Vasilii Kholmsky, and Evdokia married Petr Ibragimovich, Tatar prince of Kazan. His eldest son, by Maria, Ivan, married Yelyena of Moldavia. Their son, Dmitri, died in 1509.

Vasilii III Ivanovich (1505-1533)
He married Solomona Yur'yevich and then Yelyena Vasil'yevich Glinskaya, descendent of Lithuanian and Tatar princes. He had two sons, Yurii of Uglich and Ivan IV.

Yelyena Glinskaya (1533-1538) regent for her son, Ivan IV.

{short description of image}Ivan IV Vasil'yevich (1533-1584)
He married first, Anastasia Romanova. They had three sons and three daughters, Anna, Maria and Yevdokia. He killed Ivan, the eldest. The second, Feodor, became his heir and tsar. The third, Dmitrii, died at age about one year. He had another son, Vasilii, by his second wife, Maria Temruka, Kabardinian princess, but Vasilii also died as a baby. And the youngest son, Dmitrii by his seventh wife, died at Uglich in 1591.

{short description of image}Feodor Ivanovich (1584-1598)
Also called Theodore I. But he was a weak young man and was under the influence of his brother-in-law, Boris. He married Irene, sister of Boris Gudonov. Their daughter, Feodosia died as a baby in 1593.

Irene, Tsaritsa from 1 Jan to 21 Feeb 1598 between the death of her husband, Feodor, and the election to the throne of her brother, Boris.

{short description of image}Boris Gudunov (1598-1605) He was brother-in-law of Feodor Ivanovich and ruled behind the scenes during Feodor's reign. He then managed to get himself proclaimed Tsar. His death initiated the "time of troubles" His son was proclaimed tsar as Feodor II in 1605 but immediately killed.

{short description of image}Feodor IIBorisovich (1605) The unfortunate lad was murdered during the "Time of Troubles" and replaced by the Pretender "False Dimitri".

{short description of image}Lzhyedimitrii I False Dmitri (1605-1606) The pretender obtained Polish troops and then led an uprising against Boris. He also was murdered. He was followed by two more 'false' Dmitri's who met untimely ends.

{short description of image}Vasilii Ivanovich Shuiski (1606-1610) He reigned during the "time of troubles" but is not included in some of the official listings of tsars. He was deposed.

{short description of image}Mikhail Feodorovich Romanov (1613-1645)
His father, Feodor, was Patriarch as Philaret. Feodor was son of Nikita Romanov, who was the brother of Anastasia Romanova, wife of Ivan IV. (See Romanov family tree) Mikhail married Eudoxia Streshnev. He was elected tsar in 1613.

{short description of image}Alexis Mikhailovich (1645-1676)
He married first Maria Miloslavski and then Natalia Narishkin. By Maria he had Sophia, Feodor III and Ivan V. By Natalia he had Peter I. During his reign there were several wars with Poland over Smolensk and in Ukraine.

{short description of image}Feodor III Alexeivich (1676-1682) He married twice. His first wife was Agaf'ia Grushetskaia, who died in childbirth in 1681. He then married Marfa Apraksina, but they had no children as he died only a few months later.

Ivan V Alexeivich (jointly with Peter 1682-1689)
He was brother of Feodor and half brother of Peter I. His daughters were Catherine, married to Charles Leopold of Mecklenburg and Anna, married to the Duke of Courland. Catherine's daugher, Anna, married Anthony of Brunswick and their son was Ivan VI.

{short description of image}Sophia Alexeivna (regent 1682-1689) She was the elder sister of Ivan and half sister of Peter I who acted as regent for the two children. But she wanted to rule in her own right and use the streltzi in an effort to secure the throne.

{short description of image}Peter Alexeivich(jointly 1682-1689 - alone 1689-1725)
He married first Eudoxia and then Martha Skavronska, who became Catherine I. By Eudoxia he had Alexis, who married Charlotte of Brunswick. Their son was Peter II. By Catherine he had Anna (wife of Charles Frederick) and Elizabeth. Anna's son was Peter III.

{short description of image}Catherine I (1725-1727)
Known first as Martha Skavronska, she was Peter's second wife and successor. She reigned from 1725 until 1727. Catherine was succeeded from 1727 until 1730, by the child Peter II, son of Peter I's son, Alexis. Her daughter, Elizabeth, became empress and her grandson, Peter III became emperor.

Peter IIAlexeivich (1727-1730)
the son of Alexis and Charlotte of Brunswick. He died suddenly of smallpox as a teenager. He is the only Romanov after Peter I burried in the Kremlin instead of Peter and Paul fortress.

{short description of image}Anna Ivanovna (1730-1740) She was the daughter of Ivan V and Praskovia Saltykova. Her husband, Frederick, Duke of Courland, died right after the marriage. There was no heir. She was called to the Russian throne in 1730 by a clique of senior court functionaries and required to sign a protocol giving the nobility power. She tore it up right away and ruled until 1740.

Ivan VI (1740-1741)
He was a baby. He was the grandson of Empress Anna's sister, Catherine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, hence a granddaughter of Ivan V. His mother, also Anna, married to Anthony Ulrich of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, was regent. He was deposed in a palace coup led by Elizabeth. He lived in prison as an insane derelict until murdered by guards in 1762.

{short description of image}Elizabeth Petrovna (1741-1762) She was Peter's daughter by Catherine I. She staged an army coup against Ivan VI and ruled from 1741 until 1762. She secretly married Count Razumovski. She had no direct heir but selected Peter III.

{short description of image}Peter III (1762)
the son of Empress Elizabeth's sister, Anna Petrovna, and Charles Frederick. Elizabeth selected him as heir and also selected his wife. He married Sophia of Anhalt Zerbst, who became Catherine II. Their son was Paul I. He was deposed by his wife, then murdered.

{short description of image}Catherine II (1762-1796)
former Sophia, wife of Peter III. She managed to gain the name "The Great". She was the minor princess, Sophia of Anhalt-Zerbst, who was selected by Elizabeth as Peter III's wife. She staged a coup against her husband with the help of guards regiments whose leaders hated Peter.

{short description of image}Paul I (1796-1801)
son theoretically of Peter III and Catherine II. He married Sophia Dorthea of Wurttemburg. Their sons were Alexander I, Constantine and Nicholas I. Their daughters were Helena, Maria, Catherine, and Anna. He was murdered in a palace coup.

{short description of image}Aleksander I {short description of image} Pavlovich (1801-1825) was Paul's son by Sophia Dorothea of Wurttenburg. He married Marie of Hesse - Darmstadt. He came to the throne on the death of his father and prosecuted the several wars against Napoleon culminating in Russian and Allied victory and the Congress of Vienna, in which he played a prominent part. He died without heir and was succeeded by his brother.

{short description of image}Nicholas I Pavlovich (1825-1855)
He married Charlotte of Prussia. Their sons were Alexander II, Constantine, Nicholas and Michael. Their daughters were Maria, Olga, and Alexandra. Their sons were Alexander II, Vladimir, Alexis and Sergius. He was brother of Alexander I. He came to the throne on the death of his brother, the middle brother, Constantine having renounced the throne. Nicholas was a martinet who had visions of taking Constantinople from the Ottomans, whom he dubed "the sick man of Europe." However, this so disturbed the French and British that they interveened in the Great Eastern War (Crimean War) with Turkey and Sardinia to defeat Russia.

{short description of image}Aleksander II Nikoliavich (1855-1881) - {short description of image}
He was the son of Nicholas I by Charlotte of Prussia. He married Maria of Hesse- Darmstadt. Their sons were Nicholas, Alexander III, Sergius, Paul and Vladimir. Their daughter was Maria. Alexander married Ekaterina Dolgorukova later and they already had four illegitimate children. He is known as the "tsar reformer" because he emancipated the serfs and instituted a series of other major social and political reforms. He was killed by revolutionaries who threw a bomb at his carriage in St. Petersburg in 1891.

{short description of image}Aleksander III Alexandrovich (1881-1894) - {short description of image}
He was the son of Alexander II by Marie of Hesse-Darmstadt. He married Dagmar of Denmark. Their sons were Nicholas II and Michael. Their daughters were Xenia and Olga. He took revenge for his father's death by instituting major repression of revolutionary movements and other political elements.

{short description of image}Nicholas II Alexandrovich (1894-1917)
was the son of Alexander III by Dagmar of Denmark. His wife was Alexandra of Hesse-Darmstadt, a descendent of Victoria of England. They had four daughters and a son, Alexis, whose hemophilia played a very important disturbing role in the family's ability to govern effectively. Their daughters were Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia. Nicholas was overthrown in the February Revolution in 1917. They were all killed by Bolsheviks at Ekaterinburg.

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